I'm Jeff Williams and I have enjoyed the great outdoors for many years. When I got into photography, it was natural for me to start photographing landscapes of the beautiful Great Southwest. I was fortunate to meet several very talented nature photographers who were a great source of advice and information. After several years of photographing landscapes, I attended a wildlife photography workshop and was immediately hooked. I have concentrated my efforts in the area of wildlife ever since, but I still enjoy looking for great landscape photos.

I belong to a civic group that brings disadvantaged youth to the Phoenix Zoo. Most of the youngsters have never visited a zoo before. When the tram makes the first turn and the children see the animals for the first time, their squeals and cheers of excitement bring me great joy. I want to bring that joyous first look to more people and help them to better understand animals as complex beings just like you and me. Almost everybody has seen a giraffe for example, but they have not had the opportunity to get to know that giraffe and feel a connection with it. I believe if I can help more people actually see wildlife as they live, and learn more about the animals, then more people will appreciate them and love them. Many of the animals I have photographed are endangered species and in great danger of becoming extinct. Many animals, especially the big cats, are alarmingly close to extinction, and I want to do what I can to protect them. 

Cheetah starting her day at Ukutula

Through my books, emails, and newsletters, I will fund the  "adoptions" of various animals. I am also very concerned about environmental issues. I want to use my photographs to increase people's awareness of issues facing our environment and our wildlife, in-order to make this a better place to live for all of us. As part of that goal, I recently completed a book titled Amazing Wildlife of South Africa and the Western United States, Wildlife I Have Enjoyed Getting to Know and Photograph, published by Balboa Press. The book is available from Balboa Press, and Amazon. If you live in Arizona, I often have copies of the book I can autograph for you. 2 Additional books are in process, and will be available in a few months.